"Truly Performed More Than We Expected..."

Dear Paul,

How could I have managed for five years without the competent help of Nurses as Needed?

When my husband and I realized the enormity of the care he would require as a paraplegic with all the problems that entails, we knew we needed help.

I immediately called upon you. You brought out nurses to meet us and find the perfect fit for our particular needs and compatible with our personalities. We discovered throughout our medical ordeal that your nurses were well-trained, experienced, punctual, dependable, honest, and most importantly, caring.

They truly performed more than we expected: from simple chores like diapering to more strenuous ones like lifting my husband into his wheelchair and accompanying us to myriad physicians’ appointments. Through everything, they always maintained their cheerfulness and helpfulness.

I strongly recommend Nurses as Needed to anyone who requires that extra caregiver. Some medical problems require more than one person doing the caring, and Nurses as Needed provides that extra care.

Many blessings for all you and your staff do,


"Cordial, Professional, and Very Caring..."

Dear Paul,

Nurses as Needed came to my attention through your father. My husband was in St. Vincent’s twice in two years and I decided that he needed extra care at night. We couldn’t have been more pleased with his care both times. Your staff members were cordial, professional and very caring. I wouldn’t hesitate to have your services again.

Thank you,

Pat Tierney

"We are grateful to each one of them..."

Just a note to indicate that Mr. Graham has made the transition home in good fashion from Jacksonville to North Carolina. He continues to find his strength increasing with each day, and continues also to focus on his therapy and rehabilitation efforts in advance of public ministry in June and July.

I know that Mr. Graham joins with me and all of his team assembled in Jacksonville, to thank you and your organization for the wonderful health care that you offered to him during those long and challenging weeks. The personnel of Nurses As Needed were all professional, courteous and extended their gifts of talent and mercy in wonderful ways for Mr. Graham during that period in which he needed them so. We are grateful to each one of them who served us during that time, and especially to your organization that gave overall leadership and administrative efforts toward his health care.

I trust that your business is going well and that God will bless you in the coming months in special ways. As a token of our appreciation, please find and enclosed book—a pictorial history of Mr. Graham’s longtime ministry, may this book be a blessing to you in your life as you seek to follow the Lord in every way.

God Bless you and Nurses As Needed, we are grateful.


David Bruce